T2B CEO Leads Profit & Loss Roundtable for Restaurant Franchisees

While our CEO, Co-Founder and fearless leader, Christopher Mallery, may not have experience as a franchisee, he does have extensive experience within the restaurant industry. Getting his start in the hospitality industry at the ripe old age of 15, Christopher started like many others, as a dishwasher. Over the years to come, including college, he began to experience and analyze what made some restaurants fail where others succeeded.

While this on-going study of the revenues and profit & losses of restaurants motivated Christopher to get more actively involved in the accounting side of the business, he still speaks the same language as restaurateurs and entrepreneurs alike. So, it’s not unusual that an emerging franchise brand, like Wilmington, NC based Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bars, has not only engaged Top 2 Bottom to assist their partners with all bookkeeping services, but they also asked to have T2B host an online Roundtable discussion with their franchisees.

Does your franchise organization need an accounting vendor who can actively engage with and educate your franchisees?
Top 2 Bottom leaders, like Christopher Mallery, are ready to visit either in-person or online!

While the live video session did have good attendance and great engagement from a handful of Shuckin’ Shack’s most successful locations in Florida and South Carolina, the video that was captured and sent to all franchisees and managers has now been watched nearly two dozen times.

Topics from the Top 2 Bottom “Basics of Profit & Loss for Restaurant Owners” Roundtable included:

If you are a franchisee seeking a new accounting firm that understands the demands of the hospitality or restaurant industry, along with the chart of accounts and royalty reporting demands of your franchisors, do not hesitate to contact T2B today or visit one of our three office locations in North Carolina. If you are a franchisor or licensor looking for a better accounting vendor for your organization, please take a look at our testimonial videos and complete the quick form found on our Franchise Accounting page. Finally, we’ve launched a brand new group on LinkedIn just for those within the franchising industry: Our Franchise Accounting Strategies LinkedIn group is ONLY open to those who are either existing franchisees or franchisors, so our group peers are not pestered with spam messages each day. Come join us on LinkedIn to learn directly about what it takes to deliver powerful financial reporting and Item 19s that become a competitive advantage for your development team.