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Top 2 Bottom: The Preferred Accounting Partner For The Franchise Industry

Over the past 12 to 24 months, Top 2 Bottom Business Solutions has quickly become one of the “top” accounting firms within the franchise industry. What started as providing basic bookkeeping and payroll support for many franchisees, has quickly evolved into consulting with franchise executives and assisting them with developing genuine financial reporting systems. With hundreds of accounting clients across North America and dozens of support staff working within the United States, Top 2 Bottom Business Solutions has established itself as a Preferred Provider, Preferred Partner or Authorized Agency for more than a dozen franchise brands across the country.

Solutions To Scale Franchise Growth Seamlessly

As a result of increased involvement within the franchise industry, our Co-Founder Christopher Mallery was recently interviewed for the Franchise Friday podcast.  Hosted by Melissa Pang, the interview covers many topics beneficial to fledgling franchisors as well as iconic franchise brands. Click the link below to watch the interview with Christopher:

What Set’s Top 2 Bottom Apart From Other Franchise Accounting Firms?

As discussed within his interview, Christopher explains why it’s crucial for franchisors to systematize financial reporting requirements. We’ve found success recently working with entrepreneurs who are just considering franchising or new franchisors who have yet to open their first unit. While taking care of the books is a time-saver for franchisees, establishing consistent reporting methods greatly benefits the franchisor support staff with identifying troubled franchisees.

As stated by Christopher Mallery:

“Because we’re a relationship-based organization, we want to talk to each franchisor individually and understand their needs. Franchisee “A” knows there is an issue but isn’t sure how to tackle the problem. Franchisee “B” doesn’t believe it’s an issue and maybe isn’t big enough yet to have seen it. Franchisee “C” is drowning. Every Franchisee is essential, and every conversation has to be it’s own. So, the good thing is how we care for franchisees; we don’t just build franchise owners. Our goal with them is to be involved in as much education as possible, to support them in their growth, and to meet and get to work with franchisees. That’s our end client. So however, we set that up, whether it’s a short introduction, or role in the training process, or doing a podcast or webinar for current franchisees, which we’ve done, a handful of them just in the last six months, any of those things are just great ways that they can provide support without adding money to their bottom line expenses.”

As someone actively involved with hundreds of franchise brands, Melissa Pang was clearly well-prepared for this interview. She’s experienced accounting firms previously focused on “sales” more than being responsive to clients.  T2B provides a more holistic solution to the many financial challenges that franchisors face. And it’s clear from this quote she appreciates the educational programs that Top 2 Bottom has established for franchisors:


melissa Pang

Franchise Friday Host – Melissa Pang

“I know the entrepreneurs have a partner with you guys. It’s not transactional, and it’s not sales. It’s that we are all about education, awareness, and discovery. We always talk about it with our clients, coaches, and franchisors. Is it the same for a franchisor bringing in a partner that will bring great value to add and truly a partner for the franchise’s longevity? But I think as a franchisor, if you can say, Okay, this is my three to the five-year growth plan, these are the things that are important, and then look for a partner who’s going to customize and tailor the program for you and the franchisees and can be a part of that support that training. That’s a big piece and is genuinely educational and customer-focused; the response time and very communicative and collaborative, then that would check off a lot of boxes.” 

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