Franchisor Support Video Series: Onboarding New Franchisors

This is the first in a series of informational videos that our Top 2 Bottom CEO, Christopher Mallery, will be recording to help franchisors develop sound financial reporting systems for their franchise.

These monthly videos will share insights about providing accounting support services for franchisees and overcoming many challenges. Christopher will also share his personal experiences and insights from being a subject matter expert on franchise accounting for many years.

Hello – and thanks for watching this month’s top to bottom business solutions, franchise or support video. 

My name is Christopher Mallery. I’m the CEO and founder of T2B.

We’ve been providing bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services to over eight hundred entrepreneurs, ▪ including three hundred franchisees ▪ across twenty five different franchise brands. 

▪ Since the mid nineties, our core function with our franchisor partners is the development of accounting processes and reporting systems with their franchisees. 

▪ Today, I’m going to touch on some of the ways we get started with franchisor. 

▪ We listen to pain points that you’re having currently. Like, we’re not getting timely financials from our franchisees. 

▪ Everybody’s heard that story. I’ve also had franchisees that want to sell or need to get loan. 

And cannot produce accurate financials. Or another great one is our franchisees are spending more time in their office than they are out growing their franchise business. 

We (T2B) like to work with franchisors to review the current process map for how your franchisees spend and make money. 

Including the operating programs and accounting software that you, the franchisor, require of them. 

We then collaborate on basic accounting training for new franchisees ▪ and establishing standardized chart of accounts – just to get started. 

By supporting the relationship between franchisor and franchisee, with one of our partnership levels, we have found that everyone is happier and more focused on growing – which is a goal for all of us. 

Thank you again for watching! And if you’d like to connect with me about how we can support your brand with one of our partnership opportunities or provide accounting workshops for franchisees, please email me at cmallery at t2bbsolutions dot com, or connect with me on LinkedIn.