Recruiting and hiring for any position is time-consuming, costly and can be frustrating.  When you’re trying to find skills and experience that aren’t your area of expertise, it can be even more so. And, hiring mistakes are costly

Top2Bottom Business Solutions’ Hiring Assistance can make the process of recruiting and hiring the perfect Bookkeeper or Accountant much easier and potentially less-costly.  Most significantly, we know what it takes to make an excellent Bookkeeper or Accountant.

First, we define the best candidate by working with you to:

  • Create a job description
  • Identify specific “fit” circumstances and conditions to screen for (Example: the job is in a one-person office.  Can the candidate work under these conditions?)
  • Describe your ideal candidate and what makes them successful
  • Determine the level of education/experience needed to meet expectations
  • Determine the appropriate compensation level for the position

Then, when we know who you are looking for we begin the recruiting and hiring process by:

  • Placing advertising appropriately
  • Developing standard interview questions
  • Phone screening interviews
  • Initial face-to-face interview

Presenting you with a few top candidates for your final selection. 

By engaging Top2Bottom Business Solutions to assist with your Bookkeeper or Accounting staff, you can save many hours of your precious time, and also minimize the risk associated with making an uninformed hire!