When you started your business, the opportunity to do Bookkeeping, Payroll and Accounting probably weren’t the main motivators!  In fact, chances are, like most entrepreneurs, you have little experience in how to set up financial systems and procedures to best serve you and your business.  Consequently, this “necessary evil” is often overlooked or given inadequate consideration.

So, why is this such an important part of your business? Here are just a few value propositions:


  • Informed business decisions (including cash flow, investment and taxes) depend on constant availability of credible financial information
  • Financial partners, such as banks, take a business much more seriously when financial operations are in order
  • Productivity and efficiency require workflows, processes and systems matched to the environment
  • Repeatable, reliable workflows result in lower cost to execute
  • Appropriate technology reduces time and cost to deliver credible financial information needed


Top2Bottom Business Solutions can help guide you to setting up and operating the most efficient and effective financial operations for your business.  
We can:


  • Recommend and help implement appropriate workflows to gather and compile necessary financial information
  • Develop tasks and job descriptions necessary to execute workflows and systems
  • Recommend and help implement appropriate technology to track and report:
    • 1. General Accounting
    • 2. Payroll and Human Resources
    • 3. Inventory Management
    • 4. Job Costing
    • 5. Accounts Receivable
    • 6. Accounts Payable