Partnering With Your Income Tax Preparer

At Top2Bottom Business Solutions we know that one of the primary objectives of Accounting for your business activity is to be prepared for filing your Income Tax return.


Although we leave the actual tax preparation to providers that are expert in this specialized area, we work in lock-step with your Tax Professional, creating a team to assure they have timely and correct information.


When Top2Bottom Business Solutions partners with your Tax Professional, you realize the following benefits:

  • You pay for the appropriate level of service and expertise. Tax Professionals usually don’t want to do bookkeeping, and if they do it costs a lot more than when the Bookkeeping and Accounting Professionals do it. By handing your Tax Professional a set of books that’s ready for them to use it can lower your overall cost.
  • You get better, more timely and accurate results. When we work with your Tax Professional throughout the year, we know what they need and can assure that’s what they get, when they need it.
  • Your Tax Professional can focus on preparing the return, rather than sifting through records to get information, doing adjustments, and asking questions. Everyone is happier and less stressed!
  • You can actually plan for income taxes, rather than being surprised with a tax bill you weren’t anticipating. By keeping your accounting current and accurate, you are able to have periodic meetings during the year with your Tax Professional to be proactive and informed when it’s time to do your taxes. Again, everyone is happier and less stressed.


Although we have several tax preparation resources we work with and can refer, we are happy to form a new relationship with your trusted Tax Professional. The best team for you is the one that’s earned your trust!